Would a Small “i” Help?

This morning, a simple enough question to start our day but the answer …

The question – Would a small “i” help?

You see, there is debate in some circles over whether or not indigenous should be spelled with a capital or lower case “I” and here’s why …

A capital suggests a proper noun like French or Canadian or Finnish but indigenous isn’t viewed as a proper noun by many who fall under that classification. To them, it is seen as a grouping term like people or animals or fish.

Anishinaabe is a proper noun, denoting a distinct indigenous group, separate from others.

Haudenosaunee is a distinct group requiring a proper noun and on and on.

If we stop capitalizing the word, will others stop assuming that all indigenous are the same, that there is any such thing as an “indigenous culture” or person?

he questioning and the discussions continue.

Anything to help end the confusion.

I love you!