Sandi Boucher, the owner and inspiration behind Reconciliation Works Canada is a best-selling author.

Sandi started her work as a storyteller and inspirational speaker in 2009, after 25 years in the Employment and Training industry.

Thanks to her dedication to the cause, Sandi has travelled across Canada and as far off as Finland, sharing her message of empowerment for Indigenous peoples and respectful cross-cultural relations with all the nations of this great continent.

But her passion will always be her writing. Sandi’s first book, “Honorary Indian” which tells of her Mother’s teachings through Sandi’s life story, was released in 2010, reaching Bestseller status in 2013.  This book is now in a re-edit process as Sandi “decolonizes” its contents.

“Her Mother’s Daughter” followed in 2013, reaching Bestseller status in 2015.  In 2018, she released “The PATH”, a book and action plan designed to effectively guide all Canadians to and through reconciliation.  And in 2021, she release “I am Awake …” a collection of her most popular blog posts.