About Sandi Boucher

Navigating Canadian Reconciliation

Offering a perspective so often denied non-Indigenous Canadians, Sandi Boucher, the owner of Reconciliation Works Canada, uses Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) teachings, metaphors, stories, cartoons, her infectious humour, and her undeniable wisdom to build understanding of and respect for the Indigenous peoples she calls family, friends, and colleagues.

A proud member of Seine River First Nation in Treaty #3 territory in northern Ontario, Sandi is internally recognized as an engaging speaker, a traditional knowledge keeper, and a best-selling author.  She began her speaking career in 2009 with the launch of her first book “Honorary Indian”.  Four books later, Sandi and her team are now laser-focused on healing both sides of the eagle feather she so often refers to.

Audiences for Sandi’s Lunch and Learn sessions (one hour), half day workshops and/or full day seminars include First Nation communities, corporations, small to medium size businesses, municipalities, hospitals, school boards, universities, colleges, and participants at countless conferences and seminars.

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Past Topics ...

  • 15 Missing Pieces of Information (Essential to Engagement)
  • Overcoming an Oppressive Identity
  • Why Indigenous Retention is NOT Working (and How to Fix It)
  • Thoughts to Consider (for New Allies)
  • Successful Indigenous Engagement
  • Successful Indigenous Customer Service
  • Creating Safe Spaces (& Why It’s Essential)
  • Decolonization of Indigenous Education
  • Decolonizing Your Strategic Planning Process
  • The PATH to Reconciliation
  • The Evolution of the Marginalized
  • The Value of Land Acknowledgements
  • Responding to Racism

About Sandi's Impact

What People Have Been Saying About Sandi

- Kimberley John-Morgan, DEI Content Writer, Educator

- Vanessa Jocko, Stakeholder Adviser at Shell

- Marie Daumler, Literacy Coordinator at Stoney Education Authority

Sandi can help shift organizational mountains through inclusive and respectful truth and reconciliation education and practice. She is especially skilled at working with reluctant or resistant peoples who might be very early on in their learning journey. She moves the dial on cultural proficiency in a meaningful, authentic and accepting manner. She makes a difference.

- Ryan Land, Indigenous Relations Manager

I wholeheartedly recommend Sandi Boucher for her exceptional skills as a facilitator. Her vibrant energy and profound knowledge make her stand out in any setting. Sandi has a unique ability to bring people together, fostering engaging and inclusive conversations that encourage participation and insight. Her presence not only enriches the experience but also makes every discussion more meaningful and productive.

- Ankush Mahajan, Project Coordinator - Ontario Health Team