Who ARE You Listening To?

Such an important question on the road to reconciliation. Not sure why? Let me explain …

For the indigenous, reconciliation comes with the requirement to STOP LISTENING to mainstream. We must STOP designing ourselves to be who THEY think we should be. We must STOP adapting to their ways. We must STOP fitting ourselves into their boxes.

Because indigenous ways are beautiful, powerful, and yes, even economical. Indigenous ways of looking at the world can lead to happiness, prosperity, self-sufficiency and yes, self-pride for I am living proof.

There is no confidence to be found on a road built by someone else. How can you believe in yourself and your wisdom when you are constantly trying to guess what they would do?

Instead, my friend, do what you would do. Do what the highest, healthiest, wisest, most compassionate version of you would do. Do that.

And for the non-indigenous, reconciliation requires the release of expectation, moving away from the advice of the money hungry to the words of those who recognize the reality and value of diversity and long-term sustainability. No longer can you expect indigenous to fit in those boxes that make your life convenient. No longer can you expect our adaptation or our assimilation.

Because we are preparing, preparing for the day when we will meet you in the middle of the bridge. Soon you will be required to adapt to our ways, not totally dissimilar from how we have long been forced to adapt to yours. (The big difference, of course, being that you have the option to do it willingly.)

Rest assured, forcing you to adapt is not reconciliation. That is simply mimicking your mistakes and we are better than that. You need not adapt but then, you need not be part of our future plans either.

The choice is yours.

And ours.

The journey continues …

I love you!