What You Cannot See

And the journey continues …

Yesterday, I shared a mantra that should be the guiding light for anyone working in or for a diverse community, namely …

“Nothing for us or about us, without us”.

Today, let us expand on that by looking at the “without us” part for it is essential to get the “us” right, or the whole house of cards falls apart.

Wishing to increase engagement in the black community?
Hire a black diversity and inclusion professional.

Wishing to increase engagement with the local Indigenous population?
Hire a diversity and inclusion professional that is also from or part of the local Indigenous population.

Wishing to increase engagement with the Asian community in your city?
You got it.

Because “us” is not a generalist, not if you want to get the most bang for your buck. And “us” is rarely one person (they should be on your staff, part of your management team, part of your planning committees, part of your consulting team) and can NEVER BE only one person with a voice and little power.

Another image for you to consider, two people standing back-to-back. Both can see so much of the room they stand in, but neither can see what is right in front of the other. That is what a diversity expert can and should do for you, inform you of what you cannot see.

The onus is on you to believe them.

The journey continues …

I love you!