We Choose Our Path

Those are the words dancing in my head this morning as my “world” begins to open up and request after request comes in for “live” events.

But I remember chasing that beast, the many many days, and nights on the road. The bank account was healthy, but my body was weak, exhausted, and as a result, often discouraged.

With lockdown, I was forced to pivot, to reach out in new ways, across virtual highways this time, and it worked! I got to reach so many more while still enjoying the comfort of my own bed.

So as the requests come in, I hang tight to the memory of exhaustion. I hang tight to the joy that comes with the comfort of home. I will travel. I will stand on stages again, but I will be the one to decide how often this time.

Funny … I guess I always did.

The journey continues …

I love you!