Those Doing the Work

Today, I give thanks, for the work …

For some, it could be depressing to see just how many entities reach out in a given week, just how many see racism ripping their organizations or businesses apart.

But each incident, each email, is yet another group that has taken the blinders off, another group that is finally seeing what we have always seen, and that isn’t depressing at all. That gives me hope.

Add to that, they are reaching out. They are not just identifying. They are not listing off all they have already done as if, in some magic way, that matters considering the problem still exists. In other words, they are not defending. They are not making this about THEM at all. They are identifying a problem and reaching out to get help to fix it. And again, that gives me hope.

One by one, group by group, discussions are happening, conversations of racism and discrimination, often of disrespect and aggression are happening. Not generic, academic discussions but real life conversations about what is being said and done/not done within their walls. And those conversations are happening in the safe spaces I create so they, in turn, can create safe spaces for those they have identified, those that are not yet safe within their walls.

And again, that gives me hope.

Do your part my friend. Own your truth, the truth about your city, your organization, your committee, your friend group. Do not defend all you have already done for obviously it wasn’t enough if the problem still exists. Do not make it about you at all. Make your next steps about the problem and reach out, to me, to a local trainer, to whomever.

Do not think you can fix it alone for if you could, it would already be fixed. Humility required. Reach out, please, for the sake of those wishing to feel safe.

And sadly, yes, this applies whether your organization is indigenous or non, for both have unpacking and healing to do.

The journey continues.

I love you!