The Voices of Change

As I brace myself to go deal with yet another driveway full of snow, I cannot help but think winter living has taught so many the power of endurance. We cannot wish the winter gone (Trust me, I have tried!), so we learn to make the best of it, savouring hot cocoa and steaming showers after the work is done.

But like with everything, there must be balance, which is where my thoughts go today. Have some learned to endure too much?

For the indigenous, endurance was the only option for so long. There was no way to stop the kids from being taken (although many attempts and options were tried). There was no way to fight. (Communities required permission to hire a lawyer, permission from a government official, that is.) Survival was the only option.

But no more.

Indigenous uprising, indigenous voices, indigenous refusal to “accept in silence” angers many and no doubt, confuses even more. But let us choose carefully the labels. These are not “troublemakers”. Think of it as RESISTANCE. Think of it as EMPOWERMENT slowly seeping into indigenous families and communities across our nations. See it for what it is – HEALING.

Like the young adult learning to say, “No”. Like the abused learning that they deserve better treatment. Like the discarded learning to create their own reality – all that is happening in the realm of indigenous self-determination is good … even when it slows so-called “progress”.

Something to consider, the next time you hear the news.

The journey continues …

I love you!