The Unpacking Continues

Across the land known to the others as Canada, indigenous voices are speaking.

Some are laced with years of wisdom and experience, resonating across diverse audiences, welcomed as much as heard.

Others are dripping with the anger of generations, screaming into megaphones, demanding that those who inflict harm see the resulting wounds. Sadly, they are rarely if ever heard for more than one news cycle.

Others whisper to counsellors, in sharing circles, to elders, to friends, to doctors … the tiny flame flickers, at risk of going out. But thankfully, we are getting better at hearing them.

And of course, there are those that speak, with respect and wisdom, with resolve rather than anger. But these are the ones that often face anger from those who want to challenge, those who wonder why the indigenous are now daring to say “No”, daring to speak up, daring to demand equal and just treatment, daring … to decide where they shop.

Because still there are some who wish we would just stay silent.

Look around your community, town, or city, my friend. What are the indigenous there doing? And if you cannot hear them, can you truly say that is their fault, after all this time?

The journey continues …

I love you!