The Journey MUST Continue …

And the journey continues …

Yesterday, a reminder of just how much work must be done BEFORE talks of reconciliation can happen.

Healing must take place, so that old wounds do not infect new relationships.

Stereotypes must be shattered so that trust is possible in new relationships.

The judgement, the tendency to look down on another, to think your way is superior, MUST be abandoned.

And on and on and on. Because right now, everyone is pretending the work is done, never realizing the pain, the stereotypes, the judgement show up in almost every word they speak.

Because right now, so much baggage is being brought into new relationships and new rooms, that conversations cannot even start. There is barely enough room for AIR!

So my friend, that is the assignment. That is the work. It is not for the faint of heart. It is not for those … who have yet to learn self-care.

So as the weekend approaches, I give thanks for the work, for the opportunities to invoke, challenge, or beg for change. And I give thanks for the quiet times as well, the times when I heal and plan and recover and rejuvenate.

Because this journey MUST continue …

I love you!