The Humility of Fellow Travellers

Each day I send out words, traveling from my Mac to your phone, tablet, laptop or computer. I pray they will be so much more than merely received. I pray that they will be read, contemplated, considered even as you go about your day, consuming all that is offered to you.

And each day, a multitude of you respond. I think the majority of you would be surprised to learn the sheer number of responses I receive, and most are messages wrapped in the most beautiful humility. These are the students, ready to learn. Not blindly, not without contemplation, but ready to learn nevertheless, cognizant that how things have been done to date must now change. And they want to be part of the change.

But some have yet to learn the power and necessity of humility. Some still write to challenge or more often, to offer their wisdom. They were raised in a society of debate, a society where value must be proven time and time again, after all. They share, I assume, to show how much they know, not yet understanding that not ever learning must be reciprocal.

The indigenous on my list know what I speak of for two distinct reasons. One, to sit and listen to our elders requires silence, contemplation, and nothing more. They value us, they BET ON our wisdom, which is why they insist on sharing and helping us add to it. Therefore, no information is required from us. Just respectful silence and humility.

Add to this the fact that indigenous have been forced to listen to the teachings of other cultures our entire lives and only recently, have even the slightest few cared to hear what we know.

So, this is me, reminding you once again, that this is not a land of debate, that this is your turn to sit in silent contemplation. Know that your value and the immense wisdom you carry are accepted as fact here. There is no need for you to prove either. In fact, all that is needed is your consideration of the information shared and your humility.

Because humility builds bridges. Ego burns them.

So, consider my words today and every day like a beautiful autumn leaf, blown freely to land in your hand. You need not prove yourself to the leaf. Rather, you should simply appreciate the gift offered. It is always up to you what you then do with it. You can take it home or leave it behind, but the choices never include competition with the leaf.

The journey continues …

I love you!