Small Acts

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning … I am counting blessings. Especially since Mom would have never believed what happens in my world on a regular basis.

You see, today, I work on seminars and speeches, some for First Nation communities, some for mainstream entities, all for people who want to move forward, who want to heal, who want to learn, who eventually want to be able to reconcile.

And they are listening to me.

I say that not with ego, but rather, with appreciation, with an immense surreal feeling, with a sense that I should pinch myself.

“Is this real?”

For those I work with, yes. For those who attend my sessions with genuine questions and often overwhelming confusion, yes. And they are my fuel.

For most of them probably don’t understand that the sheer act of valuing my words is breaking us free of the past. They probably do not realize how showing respect to an indigenous world view, asking for our advice, and being willing to put that advice into action are all new and wonderful ways of co-existing. And in my mind, they are also mini acts of reconciliation.

So the journey continues today, because there are so many more conversations to have, so many more lessons to learn, so many more questions to ask and be answered, so many more acts.

But one day, indigenous will be respected for who they are, as they are. One day, we will walk safely on city streets. One day, we will no longer be targeted, assaulted, or insulted for simply existing. One day, we will again stand tall in all areas of our traditional lands and those of our brothers and sisters.

One day …

Until then, there are seminars to give and work to do.

The journey continues.

Thank you for being part of the amazing journey this country is slowly choosing to take.

I love you!