Orange Shirt Day …

I am awake, I am alive, and today on Orange Shirt Day, I ask you to remember because so many can’t forget.

Today we remember the children, the innocent, torn from parental arms for no other reason than being brown in a country that still wants them white. Today we remember that every one of them suffered from that removal. Yet so many suffered so much more at the hands of those who salivated over the chance to work in an environment with children, far from eyes that would judge what they do to them.

Today we remember those who survived, who suffered, those not offered support of any kind when they finally aged out, those sent home to endure even more racist legislation even as they attempted to live, to love, to have families, to forget.

Today we remember all the children that didn’t make it home. Lives ended from malnutrition, disease, abuse at the hands of those who no doubt celebrated that there was now one less mouth to feed. And today we remember the parents left to grieve so often not even knowing what happened or where their child’s remains were.

Today we remember because so many cannot forget even as the most ignorant among us demand they do.So much more work to do. So many to educate, so many to stop, so much work … but perhaps today is not the day. Today perhaps we should simply remember … and rest so that tomorrow the work can continue.

Because every child does matter … even in this country, even if their skin is brown and it is time our actions, our funding, and our legislation reflected that.

Today … remember.


I love you!