Your Choice …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning my journey continues (thank you for that Creator) …

My journey for the next two weeks includes facilitating a Soft Skills training course for a group of carpentry apprentices. For a brief ten days, my path intersects with theirs. I become part of their journey. They become part of mine and that excites me because I get to choose how I am remembered.

I can be kind and helpful. I can be informative or enlightening or I can be as boring and dry as all heck. The choice is all mine but the memory will be theirs.

So my friend, remember … you become part of the journey of every person you pass – on the street, in your home, in a store, at work (whether online or in person). You can leave them with a smile or become a negative they tell their loved ones about at day’s end. The choice is yours.

My journey continues. Thank you for that Creator. For those reading, I hope I have again added to your journey. That was definitely my intent.




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