What festers? What grows?

I am awake, I am alive, and today, as a gapping hole is left in my life by my bestie who heads off to the next chapter of his life journey, I am left to contemplate the price of admission …

What DOES it take to become part of my world – not the public world of posts and speeches but the behind-the-scenes world of boxer shorts and t-shirts, of conversations and LOUD laughter. Who qualifies to be part of my inner circle?

While pondering the answer, a meme I saw on FB months ago came to mind. It simply stated “If your partner is homophobic, you are NOT an LGBTQ+ ally”. The same applies for an anti-racism ally or a feminist. The point – if you allow ugly in your home, if you sit back and listen to the ugly without standing up to defend those under attack, you are not an ally.

Because you see, solutions so often start in conversations far removed from the public eye. Issues survive in the same place. Racism, sexism, ageism – all of these things fester if unchecked in those private moments. They grow and then they spread to classrooms, coffee shops, and boardrooms.

But truth be told – Locker rooms wouldn’t be such safe place for sexism if more little boys were checked on their words at home and racism wouldn’t be an issue if kids of all colours came home to play. The same can be said of any home, even when the “kids” are now teachers, shop keepers, and CEOs.

I smile as I realize how much I cherish those who sit in my inner circle for they are foundational pieces of the solutions this world needs and for them I am grateful.

The journey continues …