The Chance to Make a Difference …


I am awake, I am alive, as I smile to myself and think .. the marathon begins.

Life is definitely going to be a little different for me for the next two weeks as I sub-in for the full-time facilitator of a local training course. Full days – 830-430 for two straight weeks …

Deja vu. lol

It will be a challenge for sure but then all great opportunities are and the chance to a) assist an agency that does AMAZING work and b) work with an AMAZING group of participants was just too AMAZING to pass up so here I am … preparing to succeed.

Such is the life of the entrepreneur – not governed by clock or calendar but rather by opportunity and purpose in my case, by the chance to make a difference.

And there it is! The phrase that gets me in the door every single time – “the chance to make a difference”. We all are here for such a short time, after all. I pray that all reading these words are as quick to jump at any chance to make a difference.

Because in so many ways, it is better than letting things remain as they are.

The journey continues ….