I Never Thought of That …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help thinking of all the things we never think of …

This thought-train started yesterday, as I took part in my brother’s surprise birthday party. We were celebrating his 60th birthday and as we chatted face-to-face for the first time in two years, I remarked that as kids growing up, we never imagined this day, never imagined him turning 60 and me only three years away from the same milestone.

“No, no we definitely didn’t,” he nodded.

And that got me thinking of all the other things we didn’t ever think of like birthing children and seeing their perfect faces for the first time, or that feeling that washes over you as you watch them play or sleep, that feeling of loving another human more than you ever thought possible.

I didn’t ever envision poverty or nights in shelters for abused women. I didn’t envision tears of exhaustion or escapes into alcohol. I didn’t envision holding my Mom’s hand as she took her final breath or getting the call that my eldest brother was gone.

But I didn’t envision my daughter’s wedding either or how it would feel to hear my granddaughter refer to me as “her Gramma”. I didn’t envision what “I love you” or what hearing my name called at an award banquet would feel like. Nor did I think of that moment when my first book became a best-seller (followed by the second and soon to be the third).

So my friend, when life looks bleak, when you cannot see around that next corner, trust that there is so much more that is going to happen, stuff you would have never thought of even if you set aside the time, stuff that is so worth living.

What a great thought to start another week.

I love you!