The Final Fire …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning it is the word “friend” that is dancing in my mind and I got here in the best of ways. I was thinking of you.

I was going to share with you a teaching from my friend Chief Tony Alexis of the Nakota Sioux Nation. He speaks often of “intent”. That before, during, and after any form of interaction, we must be clear on our intent. That phone call – is it to catch up with a friend, to show them they are important to us? Then give them your undivided attention while on the phone. Otherwise, that is not the message you are sending.

There are a hundred examples – getting angry that someone didn’t do something “your way” but the task was done. Wasn’t that the intent? And on and on but instead of building the list of examples in my mind, I stayed on the word “friend” and how it applies to Chief Alexis.

You see, we haven’t spoken in years. I know he would remember me, he is just that type of man but we do not email or text or call on the regular. Referring to him as “friend” however, seemed absolutely natural so I stopped to ponder why. It was then I realized the simple yet very profound answer …

I want him at my fire.

I thought of other friends then – some I see often, some I speak to once in a blue moon. I realized I have no time requirement of them. It is not mandatory that they check in from time to time nor is our friendship in jeopardy if they don’t. Instead, I take my joy in knowing they are busy living their lives, sharing their truths, loving their partners and children and friends … including me.

I know many but the ones I want to sit with, to listen to, to learn from, to love … those are my friends and I think of them often. For example, every morning, as I sit down to write these words.

That thought made me smile.

Today my friend (yes, YOU), love a friend not with expectation and checkmarks for attendance. Just love them. Love who they are. Love that you know them. Love with the knowledge that one day we will all sit at our final fire and they will be there, to reminisce with.

That thought made me smile too.

The journey continues …




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