Beginning to Hear …

I am awake, I am alive, as I smile at the thought that perhaps, just a little, the people of this country are beginning to understand.

Case in point – an amazing session yesterday with the men and women that work as part of the Ottawa Museum Network. A group of predominantly non-Indigenous people, these individuals asked questions, shared truths, admitted ignorance to facts, while simultaneously opening their hearts and minds to information and views that had never considered before.

And the message was received, as testified to in the final sharing circle.


So once again this morning, my energy tanks are full, fueled by the openness to understanding I enjoyed yesterday. Today, a planning committee meeting for a new entrepreneurship program in the making and then a TRC day presentation for some of the management team of RBC as my journey continues.

But I cannot help but notice how many non-Indigenous Canadians are now questioning the history of this country they were taught, how many are now brave enough to ask those questions, and just how many are so willing to finally hear our voices.

I repeat … beautiful.

The journey continues. Thank you, my friend, for consistently being my fuel.

I love you!