I am Hungry …

I am awake, I am alive, and as my journey continues on this fine Autumn day, I cannot help but acknowledge that I woke up hungry …

I woke up hungry for peace, the type felt deep in one’s soul when you know you are safe, respected, needed, and wanted and I want that peace for indigenous peoples world wide.

I woke up hungry to know why we are not all fighting for that peace. I want to know how anyone can sleep nights, being okay with being part of the problem. “As you judge so will you be judged” so I will take a moment to pray for those who have no idea the problems they cause (and more for the ones who do).

I woke up hungry for progress but not the type toted on newspaper front pages (when newspapers were a thing). I want progress in the areas of indigenous empowerment, for and by indigenous without any need for assimilation.

I woke hungry for a world where the answer is NEVER to take our children, a world that holds adults accountable for their actions by removing them and training them, a world that no longer feels a child is safer in the arms and homes of a culture that does not understand, a world that has finally abandoned any and all desire to “save us” having finally realized they were the only thing we needed saving from.

Yes, this morning I woke up hungry so I must go to work, to earn the right to live in such a world, to create such a world because so many I love deserve such a world.

Are you with me?

The journey continues … in spite of the bullshit.


I love you!