No Today = No Tomorrow

I am awake, I am alive, and I am smiling … at this change in me.

You see, once upon a time, I treated myself as someone with little to no value. No surprise, that happened because I believed I had little or no value. But imagine my surprise when I learned that behaviour could change belief?

Slowly, I started acting and speaking like I DID have value, and ever so quietly, somewhere deep in the background of my mind, I began to believe I did and that is when things TRULY began to change!

Case in point, my workout routine. For so many years, I didn’t have time. I simply would not get as much done TODAY if I took time out to exercise. And then one day, like the sun breaking through storm clouds, it hit me. Working out today might mean I do not send as many emails or attend as many meetings today, but it also means I will be able to send emails and attend meetings or LIVE LIFE for more years than if I don’t.

In short, if I take time now, I get more time in years not minutes. And if I don’t, I don’t.

And don’t tell me it’s too late either. I smile as I think of my mother. Her diabetes diagnosis pushed her to start walking, 45 minutes twice a day at the tender age of 72. Her determination meant she controlled her disease for five full years with diet and exercise alone. Medication didn’t start until then and then, it was only a matter of time …

No (to exercise) today literally means no tomorrow … so you decide, my friend. Prove to me, prove to everyone that you know you are worth taking care of … by YOU.

I did.

I love you!