Growing Wisdom (Principle #4)

I am awake, I am alive, and although circumstance would have me contemplating just how much I despise the new FB for losing blog post after blog post attempt … I choose instead to return to earlier thoughts of wisdom and the humans around me.

History has taught us skills often become obsolete, education can become dated. Even cherished theory does not always stand the test of time but wisdom does every single time.

Growing wisdom is (I imagine) just as satisfactory as a bountiful harvest from a garden you tended with care. Through observation, attempt, failure and success we grow. Unless of course we limit that growth – tainting our progress with stereotype, judgement, and condemnation. These are as poisonous to wisdom as gasoline to soil, yet those who plant with it still find a way to blame others.

And then there is fear, the contaminant that kills a tree before its first season is done, the poison that stops the farmer from even planting let alone tending to his crops. Fear builds walls and prison cells, not sanctuary but to many it is the only garden they have ever known, one they refuse to try to leave.

Today, my journey continues. Wisdom is what I grow – for myself and for any I encounter. “The magic happens after I leave the room” I always say, “In that moment when you decide whether to use what you have learned or not”.

Grow some wisdom today my friend. It will last you a lifetime.