Election Day (Canada)

I am awake, I am alive, as I think to myself, “So it begins …”

Today, those who disregard will choose their new leader. I see little difference between parties – one more about money, one more about promises, one incredibly hopeful for change, one scary af, one almost forgotten. But today Canadians choose, as Indigenous wonder who will be the leader of those we negotiate with.

Personally, I am thankful the door-knocking has now stopped. Indigenous are so popular pre-election. Suddenly, everyone wants to fly to a remote, to talk water, to talk health care. But once ballots are cast, the speeches change to “there is no money” or “too expensive” or “perhaps next year” as the promises ring empty yet again.

Today, as on every election day, I long for an national Indigenous party, one tasked to represent the needs of the FNs in negotiation with the parties of Canada. NOT a Canadian party but an Indigenous party, there is a difference.

But that is not today’s reality so collectively we wait to see what this day will bring. My prediction – more of the same.

Let us see what the future holds.

I love you!