Access, Evaluate, Decide

I am awake, I am alive, and on this amazing day my journey continues as once again I access, evaluate, and decide.

Such is the journey of the driven, the determined, the focused. The questions are asked and must be answered – Am I doing what needs to be done to get to where I wish to be? With the things I am doing, am I doing a good job? Can I improve? On this journey of mine, are there things that must be added or eliminated? Should I continue with this or that?

Like the most beautiful eagle feather gifted by a loving elder, my journey fine tunes to a point now. Gone are the younger days of trial and error, testing to see what I like and what I don’t on the way to determining my purpose and who I am meant to be. Now I know why I stand and who I stand beside. Now I know what I must do and most days, even how. Now I must simply stay true to the work at hand.

So today, I again access, evaluate, and decide. The air, this day, my food, my home – none of it taken for granted for these are gifts given to me to ensure I can continue the work.

And today, I do.

Today my friend, remember. We do not have to do it all but we must do our part.

The journey thankfully continues …