The Battle of Worlds …

I am awake, I am alive, as I acknowledge that this morning things are definitely “off” and that deserves contemplation…

The day definitely started in the strangest of ways with real life saving me from a nightmare. It has been ages since I have known the terror, the fear, the helplessness experienced in my nightmare. The dream-reality would no doubt end in my demise but the alarm sounded and immediately I was transported from nightmare to my comfy bed and a full agenda.

But in mere moments, I realized I am no longer use to mornings that begin with alarms and nights that end before my body rejuvenates. The result – dropping things, tripping, bumping into things, bruises imminent.

I am awake now, ready to go off to speak to a topic I did not choose for an audience that did not choose me and the reality is clear – THIS is not where I am meant to be or how I am meant to live. This box, this colonized timed box … is not where I fit.

Rest assured, today’s session will occur. I will honour my commitment to sub in for another. I will enjoy the wisdom and interactions with young men and women that have obviously already taught me so much. And then, I will return to the world I created, where visions are followed, dreams are achieved, and rest is sacred, never interrupted by man-made schedules.

Because you see, I realize now real life may be able to save me from a nightmare (as my career most definitely did) but it also has the potential to rob me of a dream and that I am not about to let happen.

The journey continues …. my way and I pray my friend, YOU can say same.


I love you!