It’s OVER!!!

I am awake, I am alive, and honestly I am JUMPING OUT OF MY SKIN EXCITED this morning!


186 days. I repeat, 186 days.

Imagine going without something you love (or crave) for 186 days. Imagine not being able to read (for the avid readers) or smoke (for those yet to kick the habit) or play the guitar (for those musically inclined to do so) and on and on.

186 days ago I did my last live event BUT TODAY THAT CHANGES!! (Insert Kermit-the-Frog style arm waving here!)

For those concerned, picture a small group of 10 (including me), desks 2 metres apart, masks warn by myself and participants as we arrive, only removed once seated. Hand sanitizer in wipe and liquid form on site and no passing of any objects.

We will be safe but WE WILL BE TOGETHER!!

OMG! I CAN’T WAIT! (Can you tell?)

Today, my friends count your blessings. Be thankful for everything you can do while counting the days until we can once again stop at the table of a friend in a restaurant without causing panic, until we can once again enter a building without donning a mask, until we can just breathe freely knowing we have once again survived.

Until then, please take the steps to make sure you do.