Imagining, Pretending or Visioning?

I am awake, I am alive, and today is one of those rare occurences when I am enjoying … a slower pace (rare for someone who embodies lightning).

A late event for McGill last night dictated a later start to the day this morning, in line with my recent change to a more self-care minded workweek. Waking this morning to dark skies and rain inspired thoughts of comfy clothes, hot coffee, and good things to read or write, completely in line with the agenda I had set for today.

As I write these words, fondly invoking warm memories of days at camp, I feel the smile spreading on my face. Ahhh yes, so this is what it is meant to be. Not slow, not fast, but in tune with emotion, body, and life.


Today my journey continues, not with video and voice, but rather written word and imagination as I envision a student who might one day take the course I am working to design – a young human, unsure of their capacity for higher learning, someone who is about to realize just how amazing they are.

I have always loved imagining. I have loved and embraced pretend as a child and as an adult desperate to escape my then reality. And now, at a much wiser age, I finally see those thoughts for what they truly are – visions of what can and should be.

Today, my friend, let us remember to pretend. Let us encourage our children to daydream. Let us not dismiss the visions that are meant to guide us all for the sake … of us all.

Off to enjoy a vision!

I love you, my friend!