Day 186 – The Elder Spirits

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am so thankful for the spirits that surround me …
It started innocently enough – I was feeding the cat. She is a beautiful elder, enjoying her 20th year on this planet. As she enjoyed her fresh water, I thought of all the things she has seen and felt in her time here – her moments of joy and surprise, her moments of fear and confusion.
Appreciating the knowledge she carries lead me to remember all the times I stood in awe of a tree, wishing it could share its knowledge with me, the things it had watched transpire as it grew, if only for a few moments.
Or the times I sat at a river’s side, listening, watching, learning as it carried on its journey, a never-ending realization of purpose. Then, as now, I shake my head at the foolishness of humans who think they understand all that a river is or will be.
Humans – the only species short-sighted enough to destroy its own habitat while simultaneously being arrogant enough to proclaim and live as if its superior.
Today I vow to spend much more time observing and learning from those who understand what living here requires and as little time as possible with the foolhardy human, proclaiming dominance over the land as they work so hard to destroy it.
The journey continues …
I suddenly understand so much more the wisdom of the elders and of the need to “get back to the bush”. Having said that, I now also understand the wisdom of being a cat lady.
Enjoy the journey my friend.