Day 185 – The World is Waking

I am awake, I am alive, and as the world comes to life outside my office window, I smile to myself thinking, “That is exactly what is happening!”
The phone calls and emails attest to the fact that the world is awakening after the pandemic shutdown. Public gatherings are not yet the norm but gatherings are, in whatever form. Video conferences, Zoom events, small public gatherings – the requests come in one after another after another as this September starts to resemble any other.
Could the storm have passed?
Vigilance is still required. The storm could return but it appears the human need to be doing and teaching and reaching out and gathering is stronger than the storm and that … makes me smile.
So, the journey continues in this new world we have built, a world that has left us conscious of the fact that we are not the only organism that can wreak havoc. Perhaps we can commit to doing less damage in the future, as we hope the virus will.
Food for thought.
Be well my friend. Be safe but continue to BE.