Day 184 – My Perfect World


I am awake, I am alive as I smile at how here, in the city that I have long described as “two cities” I now see the best and the worst of times, known by the masses as the year 2020.
The worst – the fear, the mortality, the uncertainty, the devastation of a global pandemic. The best – the definition or redefinition as in the solitude we reevaluated what matters, what we miss, what we need to survive and what we so don’t.
In 2020, years of misinterpretation of my own journey morphed into clarity as conjoined puzzle pieces revealed what I truly need, allowing me to create what I have always desired – a world with enough space to allow me to truly be me.
No longer silent, no longer misunderstood, no longer restrained, I dance in my new world even if that means dancing alone. But even that is not a negative, for truth be told, I take up a lot of room.
Yet in the wings stands one who understands, one who dances with me beautifully without ever demanding a song change. The thought makes me smile yet again, at my new world born of chaos.
Again as always my friend, it is not what happens to you. It is what you do with the gifts hidden in the aftermath of what happens to you.
Do something my friend, now while you have the chance.