My Circle/Your Circle …

I am awake, I am alive, as this morning I think to myself … no victims here!

I have long thought that the quality of my life is mirrored in the quality of the people who surround me and make no mistake, we CHOOSE who surrounds us.

Well, yesterday I posted of my reality, my dance with PTSD. I am an incredibly happy, successful and grateful woman but that does not mean everything is easy. (It never does, so next time you want to bash a celebrity, remember that.)

And yesterday, one by one, amazing soul after amazing soul came out to identify with me, to encourage me, to support me. NOT ONE PIECE OF JUDGEMENT IN THE BUNCH! THAT is what being surrounded by quality people is all about!

But once upon a time, that wasn’t the case. Once upon a time, I was surrounded by abusive, judgemental people until I added in one positive, supportive friend. Thanks to her words, I began using new ones, even just to talk to myself.

Positivity breeds positivity so soon I found another and another without even consciously trying. (I just liked what they had to say, so I stayed close.) Conversely, negativity doesn’t like positivity so the negative souls were repelled, one by one, until … I landed here.

So my friend, today a gentle reminder that I am standing in that circle surrounding you, and I pray there are many other supportive loving soul standing beside me, surrounding YOU with love and support.

If not, perhaps it is time to add a new friend or two, even if only online.

Food for thought.
You deserve a great circle!

I love you!