Day 180 – A “No Human” Day

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning, I am so very thankful for my “no human” day.
The day was yesterday. I woke tired, a rare occurrence for me, and one that tends to be very detrimental. You see, when I’m tired, my patience is greatly diminished. My coping skills, equally effected. Neither an issue if my work for the day is solo-type stuff. Major issue if it involves a lot of interaction.
And that is where the surprise (for me anyways) came in. After months of isolation and longing for human interaction, yesterday I found I needed the exact opposite. After yet another online meeting, with people I did not naturally connect with, “DONE” started flashing in my brain. With age, I have learned the wisdom of heeding the sign.
So that is what I did. I shut down the computer. I walked out of my office. I texted my assistant to declare the day officially a “no human” day. I made my favourite meal. I napped. I Netflixed. I chilled in the original form of the word and this morning, I am feeling the effects.
So here I am. Once again rested, once again thrilled to be in my office, interacting over the internet with so many I love. I once again have the patience to help others and the coping skills to deal with those who do not yet understand. Why? Because I took a “no human” day and I highly recommend it for those who have the luxury.
Whatever you need today my friend, feed that. Rejuvinate, rest, exercise, eat right, phone a friend or avoid one if the need is there. Make this day what you need so you too can enjoy the benefits. Your loved ones may not thank you for it but one day, they will.