Day 179 – No Matter

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning Mom’s words are dancing in my head …

“No matter where you stand or who you stand beside, you remember who you are.”

You see, Mom knew how important identity was and how vital it was that your identity not be dependent on circumstance or other people.

After all, you existed before they were born. And you were beautiful before he/she showed up to acknowledge that. You were intelligent and successful before the promotion and none of that changes when the kids leave or if the relationship/job ends.

So the question is – if I uprooted you right now and sat you in the middle of a foreign land, could you be you?

I pray the answer is “Yes”. I pray you have come to see you are not your friends, your colleagues, or even your family. You are an entity on your own – a blessing, a gift, and you alone decide how you will be remembered.

Be remembered kind my friend, be remembered compassionate. Be remembered reliable and dependable. But most of all, I pray you are remembered as loving.

Don’t let the world define you. Your power is in defining not your world but who you are, no matter where you stand or who you stand beside.