Day 178 – It’s Christmas!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am EXCITED because once again, it’s Christmas morning (but this time, I know what I’m getting!).
Anyone who has followed my career for any length of time, knows that I look at each morning as Christmas morning. Over the course of the day, I will receive many “gifts” – an email, a phone call – often from sources I didn’t anticipate.
But today, I KNOW the source! Today I teach my first virtual class as the facilitator of Indigenous Women: Issues and Advocacy! Today, I meet my students online! Today we engage for the first time! Today, we begin our journey!
And such an important journey it is – to find and honour one’s own voice; to speak up, never out of ego but for those who have yet to find theirs; to speak up for those not in the room (and often, not invited) and so forth.
Yes, it is a VERY important journey and I am thrilled to be one of many that will be encouraging the voices of the men and women I get to meet today but now I am wondering, will you do same today, my friend?
Will you encourage voices or silence them? Will you hear words or simply dismiss them? Will you grow and learn or remain where you are, locked in a place that doesn’t allow for learning?
The journey does begin today, my friend. But first, you must decide if you want to go.
I pray I see you on the train to tomorrow!