Day 176 – Today


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I cannot help but acknowledge that the teachings of the last 24 hours were powerful, so powerful that I have yet to process them fully.

In one way, yesterday was “the day I ran out of excuses” …

It happens from time to time. On that day, you stop making excuses for your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your co-worker or your boss. On that day you finally choose to see the writing on the wall. You see them for who they are, without shame or blame. You face reality and you act accordingly, armed with wisdom rather than denial.

Yesterday, I ran out of excuses. The moving is done. There are no more boxes to trip over. Of course, I am busy, but I am always busy so there was no excuse. No excuse at all.

I repeated that phrase a hundred times as I walked, getting in my 10k as I did laps around my new home. I smiled as my phone registered my steps, getting closer to what I had committed to doing … for me.

By the time I completed the first 5k, I could already feel the tightening in my core as my abs remembered what it feels like to be walking. By 6k, I could feel it in my tush. By 8k, my hips began to hurt in that “You are doing something great for yourself” way. And at 10k, my smile was complete.

I needed the joy to offset the reality shown me … in a picture. As my Mom smiled back at me, I acknowledged the lines now prominent in my smile, the hooded eyes, smaller but wiser versions of the huge eyes I have been known for my entire life. Time has changed me it seems in so many ways.

So the journey continues. My health is within my control – my weight, the amount of exercise I get in. But the aging process I am not. Today there is much to do because time is marching by and I must remember …

Don’t waste this day my friend, not one second of it, for it comes but once.



#success #ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive