Day 174 – My Very Own Disco Ball!


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am smiling as I spin my very own … disco ball.

The image was created last night, as I thought of my granddaughter and the life that stretches out before her. I was imagining all the things I pray happen for her, moments that I have known …

I prayed that she knows utter ecstasy in the arms of a lover that cherishes the moment and her.

I prayed she knows utter joy like the night I won Business Person of the Year for the city of Thunder Bay to the shock of everyone in the room, including me.

I prayed that she knows peace, the kind felt when you know you are standing exactly where you should be.

And I prayed she would know love, the kind that outlives the human who gifts it to you.

Each moment I recalled sparkled in my mind, like one of a million tiny mirrors on a disco ball. As I recalled and re-lived each one, the ball began to spin, sending rays of light over the room and me and I smiled, thankful for a life well-lived.

They say we give energy and power to the things that we focus on. I need not recall the dark days for they do not need anymore power but I may just spend the rest of this day dancing under the light of my very kwe-made disco ball.

Corny? Perhaps but who cares? I’m too busy dancing.

Join me?



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