Day 173 – The Doer


I am awake, I am alive and this morning I am smiling as I realize I am surrounded by the thinkers and the doers, the dreamers and the believers.

My friends – those who do not accept anything less than their part in making this a better world. They are puzzle pieces, the connective tissue between what was and what will be, and they are beautiful as they diligently go about their work.

And I wouldn’t want to be standing in any other place. For in my world, there is no time for mere acceptance. Here there is no room for conspiracy based on b.s. and there is no time for those who simply excrete quote after quote without original thought.

Careers are varied amongst them for the intelligent do not always land in universities or behind podiums. I have found intellectual brilliance in the words of a welder and the conversations of businessmen, in the opinions of a construction worker and in the thoughts of a Mom as she nursed her cherub.

My world may not be for everyone. Some prefer the perceived comfort of the status quo but if Covid has taught us nothing, then it must teach us that “the same” is never the same, that the world and those in it are constantly changing as are we.

Today is another day and today I happily hang, once again, with the thinkers and the doers, the dreamers and the believers for I find their humour far superior to those who do not think or do or dream or believe.

Dream my friend, dream. Think, believe, then for Gawd’s sake do, while there is still time.