What Will YOU Give?

I am awake, I am alive, and as the city comes to life and all the people go rushing by to go here so they can do that, I cannot help but wonder what they will give today …

Will they spread joy and encouragement? Will they share laughter with someone, in a good way? Will they pass on skills and knowledge? Will they give someone hope? Will they inspire? Will they share wisdom? Will they comfort? Will they assist with the healing of another?

Or will they spread doubt and discouragement? Will they sit in judgement, laughing in condemnation of another for all to hear? Will they pass on negativity to increase another’s self-doubt? Will they rain on a parade, cast doubt on a plan, or destroy another’s dream? Will they inflict pain with word or deed, action or inaction?

My Mom used to say, “With every word or action, we are an example. We get to choose of what.”

Sometimes I have been an example of a compassionate, hardworking changemaker. Other times I have been an example of an absolute ass. In both cases, I chose who to be for the actions of another are not in charge of mine.

So the journey continues, as I watch the traffic and wonder … what will they give today?

I love you!