Day 172 – The New World


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning the journey continues in this new version of my world …

No trip to pack for. Now I prepare to shoot videos.

No meetings to attend. Now its Zoom meetings and phone calls.

No classrooms to visit. Nows it online teaching and on and on and on.

And I must say, as I sit here in my comfy clothes, sipping my coffee, getting ready to give the world my best, I’m thinking I do not mind this new world at all.

And then I smile, knowing in my heart that I have found my way through yet another round of insanity. And it feels good, real good.

We are still standing my friend. Maybe a little weary, maybe a little bruised but we are alive. We are awake to the challenges that face us and best of all, this is NOT our first day in the canoe.

So rise today my friend. Shine bright. Know in your soul you will be fine if for no other reason then the fact you have a climbed a mountain or two already. In the past, you have faced challenges that brought you to your knees and you found a way to get back up.

You see my friend, you are also awake and alive. So let’s get going! The journey awaits!



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