Day 171 – Adapting to a New World


I am awake, I am alive, as the journey continues in this new world of ours …

Yesterday, a combined six hours of video training for my upcoming teaching position at the college. As I sat through the training, engaged but near desperate for movement at times, I pondered whether “fidget spinners” were still a thing and contemplated getting one.

I thought of our students, use to spending hours in front of a screen, but engaged – tackling and defending against enemies in unknown lands or observing their fav influencer do whatever that influencer does. It is September now and soon these students will be asked to sit and watch teachers that were taught to teach, not entertain. They will be engaged or not, dependent on the engagement of that teacher and they will get bored, of this I have no doubt.

(As a dedicated professional it took answering emails during slow moments, active engagement in the lesson, and a few rounds of solitaire to get through and I WAS paying attention.)

In my mind, a new world requires new teaching methods. Perhaps games over watching teachers online. Perhaps Zoom discussions of topics rather than simple observation and note-taking. The challenge will be on the education system that has failed to educate so many in the past. Will it fail again?

Sadly, history has shown us that old processes rarely transfer to new environments. I pray the teachers remember that before they are tempted to hand out a failing grade. I pray parents remember how freaking boring it is to stare at a screen for 6 hours when it doesn’t involve a car chase, a love scene or a choice.

I pray we all remember this is a new world and I pray we are kind to each other as we each try to find our way.

The journey continues …



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