Remember the Pain

Those who follow my Facebook page or any of my social media, know that on Monday my neck injury got the best of me. Even though I have struggled with this since my mid-20s, sometimes I still do too much. The result – days in bed, my neck unable to stand the weight of holding up my own head.

When the pain set in, I notified my following that I would be MIA for a time, acknowledging and sharing that the pain eliminates my coping mechanisms. My patience disappears. My tolerance of ignorance flies out the window. I simply cannot take anymore; the pain taking all I have.

Remember that please, the next time you ask a question or make a comment to an unsuspecting indigenous person. If they bite your head off, walk away in disgust, or simply have no time for you, it could so easily be because their pain is taking all they have at the moment. Perhaps it is just too much to ask them to help you, to ask them to listen, to ask them to care when they can barely help themselves right now.

And perhaps their reaction is a reminder, a not-so-subtle hint that the onus is on you to do the work.

I am better today – neck-wise and otherwise but I was fortunate, afforded many opportunities and the time to heal.

Many indigenous are not so lucky.

Please, remember that too.

The journey continues …

I love you!