Picking Up the Feather

There are many stereotypes out there. Add to that the many “understanding and caring” people that in their gracefulness don’t expect indigenous people to be able to show up on time, don’t expect them to be able to make it to all their meetings or shifts. They get it. Indigenous have a lot going on. They are being “accommodating”.

And typing that almost made me nauseous.

To be gifted an eagle feather as an Anishinaabe person, is to pick up the responsibility for caring for that feather. “With a gift comes responsibility” the teaching says and we so get that.

Having a job and being needed as soon as the day or shift starts – a gift and a responsibility.

Sitting on a committee – a gift and a responsibility.

And on and on.

So rather than ASSUMING, rather than setting the bar lower for us, I suggest upping your compassion for all. If anyone on the shift, at the job, or on the committee is experiencing challenges that affect their performance, create a culture that provides them the opportunity to honestly share this with someone, without retribution.

After all, we all have challenging families and home lives at times. It isn’t just an indigenous thing. Non-indigenous struggle too.

And by doing as I suggest, the relationship continues. It is the stereotypes that die.

The journey continues …

I love you!