On Your Side of the Feather

I am awake, I am ALIVE, and this morning I can barely contain my excitement!!


Because today I am in seminar once again. Not via Zoom this time or Teams or WebEx or GoogleMeets but IN PERSON! THIS is gonna be awesome!

Today is all about healing. Today is all about replacing the skills taken from us during the Residential School Era. Today, me and an amazing group of Kwe will discuss how to get along, how to respect who another person is, how to respect their journey, how to work with their traits and ways of being even if totally opposite to our own.

Today we learn how to get along with the other side of our organizational (or family) feather.

Because healing is part of reconciliation too and as it was pointed out to me not so long ago, healing cannot take place without learning – learning self-care, learning new perspectives on what happened or on the other person, learning new communication skills, learning your value system, or how to set boundaries.

The learning needed is as individual as the individual but it is possible and today, I get to assist others on that journey.

#ILOVEMYLIFE and most of all, I LOVE that I am still saying that nearly 13 years after I started this journey. A’ho.

So today my friend, what do YOU need to do to heal? What do you need to learn? What action do you need to take to move forward?

Remember, the answer is ALWAYS on your side of the feather. It is not about what they need to do or say, it is about you need to do or say or accept or not accept.

You got this! I believe in you (but I will keep you in my prayers, just in case).

I love you!