I Know What I am Doing …


I am awake, I am alive, and today I am smiling simply because I know what I am doing today …

I don’t know what you are doing or what my neighbor is doing. I don’t know what my friends are getting up to or my adult children but that’s okay. I trust they are on their path, making their decisions, living the life that results just as am I.

My day I know for it is outlined in a simple To Do List – doable, enjoyable, of my creation. (Just like my life – go figure!). One by one I will tick off completed tasks and plans, proceeding on my path as others bog down or retreat.

But there is no retreating here.

Gone are the days of destruction and self-sabotage. Gone are the days lost, unsure of what to do next (simply because I didn’t trust myself enough to make the decision). Gone are the days of being tossed here and there like a leaf in the wind as others decided how my day would go.

Now it’s me, in a world of my design, working on the next layer of this amazing life just as Creator intended. #Perfect.

All of this begs but one question – what are YOU doing today my friend?



#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive