Morphing …


I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am excited as today’s agenda is a beautiful blending of what was with what will be and I am thinking that is a great way to live every day!

This morning – what will be as I shoot yet another video, diligently working on the next seminar to be available by email or USB. I love this new medium, one that allows participants to learn at their own pace with the freedom to watch and rewatch as often as they need. That fits my teachings and makes me smile!

And then this afternoon, a live event – small, local, with all precautions taken to ensure these front line workers are safe … as they laugh. And this group deserves deep, almost-painful belly laughs when you consider the work they do and have done to keep their communities functioning and safe.

So this is me … bringing forth what I want to keep while morphing into what I want to be. Perfect.

And you my friend, are you wise enough to morph with the seasons as well or are you desperately clinging to what was, imagining that you haven’t changed so your life shouldn’t either?

You have changed my friend. You are wiser, older, more experienced. You have seen more things and done more things than ever before. Celebrate that for you are now the person a younger young wondered about and that is worth smiling over.

Enjoy this day my friend!



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