This is Me … Unpacking

I am awake, I am alive and … I am still in shock, the good kind, the surreal kind.

To explain, those who know me know my challenged past. Raised by a Mother taught the “value” of Indigenous women in Canada, she passed her fears, her knowledge, her truths onto me. I inherited her wisdom and her stereotypes, now mine to unpack.

Then, 10 years of domestic violence reinforced those ugly truths. My children would starve if I ever left. I ignored or so I thought.

Last night, I thought back on my life. The days when I wished I could pay the bills. The days when bills were paid with little left over. The years of extra money – nicer clothes and a car bought from a reputable dealer. And now, my clothes nicer than ever before, with enough for luxuries like my new Apple watch.

But the fear had been constant, a nagging belief that financial security depended on a man at my side, a constant wondering – were they right? Would I starve?

They were wrong.

This is me – now, typing with a smile on my face, embracing my new truth. I am not going to starve, for I have the skills to ensure I don’t. Roof over my head? Non-issue. Done it before, doing it now, will do it again.

This is me, unpacking the lies I never should have bought and the fear I never should have carried. Unpack the lies my friend, let them go. Throw them out with the gawd-awful speedo. You have carried them long enough. It is time for some new truths.


#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive