Adjusting Again …

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am contemplating the writing on the wall (in this case, literally) …

Deadlines, commitments, obligations – many hover over my head this morning as I realize something has to go (and I know which one).

At first, I shake my head at having to adjust “yet again” and then I smile at the silliness of my attempt to stay in the same place, doing things the same old way, in a world of constant change.

So this is me, adjusting my sails. This is me enjoying the changing tide. This is me adapting to the new season. This is me … becoming the new me.


So, the journey continues, with a lighter load and goals to achieve! Join me my friend. Pack light, taking only the lessons while leaving the rest. After all, we have much to still see. This journey is far from over yet!



#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive