“Rush” or Aggression?

I am awake, I am alive, and this morning I am pondering just how often “rush” presents as aggression.

I know I have done it. I am SO EXCITED about something that I send off a message with no salutation. No, “Hi, how you doing?” Nothing, except what I want or need.

And I am beginning to see how offensive that is (offensive as in FRONT LINE FOOTBALL TEAM). Someone on the other side of that message, probably sipping tea or enjoying a moment, is HIT with the force of my message. No doubt they recoil. No doubt they want to say “No” to my request but many won’t out of love for me, even though I just ran them over.

What has me considering my actions this morning? A slew of messages to sign up for one of my video courses. Somewhere out in the province there has been a miscommunication of sorts with caring and dedicated individuals thinking they can just sign up, without purchase or pre-conversation.

I will clear up the confusion. That is no biggie but it definitely made me think of how I come across when my rush to get something done has me forgettting that there is a human at the other end of my email or text and they deserve acknowledgement.

So, this is me saying, “Good morning my friend. I pray you are well. I pray you are safe but must of all, I pray you know …


#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive