I Wouldn’t Go Back …

I am awake, I am alive, and I am smiling because I wouldn’t go back …

I mean, there have been moments, times in my life when I wished to return to an earlier time. I wanted the relationship back or the job back, the home back, or my naivete back but not anymore.

Living my life to the fullest in part requires that the here and now is the best it has ever been and it is, it absolutely is.

And not because he wasn’t good enough or the job wasn’t enough but because I am so much more than the “barely enough” I thought I once was. No more proving myself to anyone but me and Creator. No more seeking validation or praise. I know when I have done good work and I celebrate that and I know when I haven’t (without perfectionism or insane standards) and I acknowledge that too.

No, I wouldn’t go back. Not to that place, that person, that relationship or the woman I was. I wouldn’t even go back to the pre-Covid insanity that was my life – a life of endless travel, exhaustion, and missing my family and bed. No, I wouldn’t go back and in my world, that means I am doing something right.

And you my friend, would you go back? I pray you are whispering “No” as well and if not, today’s a good day to change that. You are wiser now then ever before. You have experienced more, seen more, done more than ever before.

Today, use that so that tomorrow you can also say, “No, I wouldn’t go back”.



#ibelieveinyou #celebrateandsurvive