I Won’t Die on This Hill …

I had heard the phrase a hundred times before, always used by others, never by me. And definitely never in conversations with myself. Until yesterday …

Perhaps it was age or experience, exhaustion or all of the above. For whatever reason, I found myself simply observing as the multi-player debate I was engaged in began to go against my wishes.

“I won’t die on this hill today.”

The words were spoken with conviction, by me, for me, to no one else but me. With energy tanks on low from one too many debates, I decided this was not the battle I was going to give everything to. It just wasn’t that important and another, more important one, may arise before rest was possible.

Did I give in? No. I bowed to the wishes of the group I had committed to being part of, knowing this compromise was simply that, not a threat to principles or personal values.

In other words, it simply wasn’t worth dying for, not when there is so much that is.

Today my friend, think twice before the argument, before the breaking of ties, before disillusionment. Ask yourself if this is the hill you need to die on, knowing full well that means you may not get to fight another.

The choice, as always, is yours.

I love you!